viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

After the fall

Se ha anunciado una antología llamada "After the fall" sobre Eclipse Phase. Sale este 6 de Enero en digital (ePub, PDF, Kindle, 6.99$) y en primavera en físico (19.99$).

272 páginas con las siguientes historias.

Os lo dejo para descargar.

White Hempen Sleeves — Ken Liu
How far will you go to experience the ultimate transhuman taboo? With enough wealth, longevity, and power, anything is possible, but the cost might be more than you can imagine.

Spiritus Ex Orcinus — Tiffany Trent
After one too many rebellions, a cetacean uplift has been resleeved into human form and enslaved to mind a pharma's deep-sea factories. She is on the verge of giving up hope when a legend steps out of the shadows and offers her a once in a universe opportunity: to find the last living Earth whale. It is everything she has dreamed of, but Earth is nothing like what it was, and dreams are sometimes deadly.

Into the White — Jack Graham
A murder most foul—and mysterious—in the tunnels of an abandoned Titan project. A planet full of suspects. A Firewall agent desperate for answers. But Titan technology isn’t without its own dangers.

The Thousandth Cycle — Fran Wilde
A wager between corporations, an ancient fable, and a secret mission collide, with two sisters caught square in the middle.

Interference — Nathaniel Dean with Davidson Cole
Transhumanity offers many new fields and frontiers of psychological research. Those willing to risk it all may find answers they never wanted.

The Fukuda Cube — Kim May
A routine salvage mission uncovers a love lost before the Fall, but it has been a long time, and people change. But missions have no mercy on lost loves.

Lack — Rob Boyle & Davidson Cole
A recovery mission to the wreckage of Earth brings the team face-to-face with the horrors of what was left behind, and the price some interests are willing to pay for knowledge.

Nostalgia — Georgina Kamsika
Not everyone clings to the outer frontiers of technology and transhumanism. Unlikely allies come together to protect the future from the past.

Nostrums — Jack Graham
Illegal uplift harvesting for traditional medicines, Yakuza, forgotten cults, and a very strange medicine keep Firewall agents and law enforcement chasing shadows.

Prix Fixe — Andrew Penn Romine
Some people will do anything for a good meal.

An Infinite Horizon — Steve Mohan
A world has blipped out of communication, and a crack team has been dispatched to find out why. The beautiful planet that awaits them gives no hint of the horror it hides.

Stray Thoughts — Wes Schneider
A collective has misplaced one of their members, and turn to a PI to recover him. What looks like a straightforward job quickly devolves into a messy question of free will, belonging, and legality.

Melt — Rob Boyle & Davidson Cole
Indentured slaves, the lowliest forms of life, pawns of the wealthy Venusian politicians high above, sustained only by their dreams of freedom. Is there anything for them beyond the mines, or are they doomed to be a cheap PR tool for their masters?

Thieving Magpie — Madeline Ashby
Everything, everyone, is a tool, if you know how to use it. Some are merely a little slower to figure out what they’re being used for.

A Resleeving of Love — Karin Lowachee
Idealism and cynicism clash head-to-head in an illegal operation.

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