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Ser espía

Me gustan los espías, por si no se nota. Firewall nos trae méritos para ser agente de inteligencia (o de policia), pero me gustaría extraer el concepto, ya que precisamente como dicen los méritos, ser de un grupo secreto es complicado cuando ya eres parte de una organización de inteligencia con todo lo que ello implica.
Está bien que se relacionen estas cosas con Firewall, ya que el mundo de Firewall es el de la conspiración y el espionaje y en algún suplemento hay que meterlo, pero el valor de estos méritos es abstraerlos de Firewall y enfocarlo para el mundo de la inteligencia. Firewall es algo aparte. 

The following Positive traits may be available to starting characters at the gamemaster’s discretion.

Cost: 10 CP (Level 1), 20 CP (Level 2)

The character is a civilian analyst in a large intelligence agency such as the Titanian Ministry of State’s Civilian Intelligence Directorate, or the Planetary Consortium’s Oversight. At Level 2, the character is a manager coordinating the work of 3–5 other analysts and a few dozen AIs, or a senior non-manager.
For each level, the character receives a +10 on all Networking Tests within their agency. The character is actively employed there and is expected to put in at least 6 hours of work four days a week (if Titanian) or 8 hours a day five days a week (if Jovian, Venusian, Lunar, or Martian). In some polities, the character may be able to work remotely. This trait may be a poor choice for Jovian characters, as most Jovian intel analysts are confined to the Castle, with very limited freedom of movement. Also note that characters making frequent requests for secret information not related to their job functions will draw scrutiny.

Cost: 10 CP

This trait may only be taken by characters with the Military Rank trait (below). Since all members of JSFI are commissioned officers, Jovian characters must have Military Rank of at least Level 2.
The character is posted to their military’s intelligence service. This makes it possible for the character to use reputation to garner classified information at one Favor level lower than normal, but it also immerses the character in the spook world, limiting their movements. Players taking this trait should consult with the gamemaster as to how their character is able to operate as part of Firewall at all with other spies looking over their shoulder.

Cost: 10 CP (Level 1), 20 CP (Level 2), 30 CP (Level 3)

Jovian: The character is an officer in the Jovian Space Force or Jovian Space Force Marines. Level
1 makes the character an NCO: a warrant officer, sergeant, or senior airman. Level 2 makes the character a low-ranking commissioned officer: a first or second lieutenant. Level 3 makes the character a midranked commissioned officer: a captain or major.

Titanian: The character is an officer in the Commonwealth Fleet, Marines, or Coast Guard. Level
1 makes the character an NCO: a warrant officer, sergeant, or petty officer. Level 2 makes the character a low-ranking commissioned officer: a pilot officer, lieutenant, or officer. Level 3 makes the character a mid-ranked commissioned officer: a squadron leader, major, or commanding officer.

For each level, the character receives a +10 on all Networking Tests within their service branch. The
character is on active duty, with all of the attendant structure and responsibilities of military life. Usually this includes being stationed in a specific place or on a specific vessel. However, the character might also have a desk job or be support staff. Players taking this trait must seek gamemaster permission and develop a plausible story for how their character is able to participate in Firewall missions while on active duty. Also note that this trait affects only the character’s Networking Tests. Favors involving acquiring hardware, deploying military units, or the like still require plausible explanations as to how the character is manipulating the military command and logistics systems, and will have serious consequences if the character’s superiors judge them to be abusing their position. Rank-and-file grunts don’t need to take this trait.

Cost: 5 CP

Although higher-ups in your organization probably aren’t thrilled about it, you’ve run into the operatives and field agents of another faction or conspiracy often enough that you’ve earned some leeway with them.
Choose a group engaged in covert ops, intelligence work, or paramilitary actions: when encountering
agents of that group in the context of a mission, you gain a +10 bonus on all social tests against them, as they treat you with grudging respect—or at least more tolerance than they otherwise would for a member of your organization. Discuss with your gamemaster to detail what your character did to gain the respect of this other group.
This trait does not guarantee safety or cooperation between you and members of the chosen organization, only some additional consideration between professionals.
Depending on the particulars of an encounter, it may provide some shared information, a moment
of détente to face a common foe, or the chance to determine how to stay out of each others’ way.

Cost: 10 CP

You have a personal tie to an individual with unique skills or resources of particular value to your
clandestine activities. This connection may be be based on blood or family ties, shared history, or some other situation that permanently linked you together.
Though the contact does not owe you, they are generally inclined to help you, presuming it does not greatly inconvenience them or put them at great risk. This contact could be a weapons dealer, a high-ranking government official, a major hypercorp exec, a scientist at the top of their field, a media icon, a deep-covermole, a police lieutenant, or even a field agent from a rival group. Apply a +10 modifier on Networking and Social Skill Tests with this specific NPC.

Si el espionaje os interesa, quizás podais encontrar algo de valor en mi viejo Slang Only para traeros a EP. En Slang Only podríais encontrar, mirando por sus etiquetas;
- reseñas de algunas películas de espionaje para coger ideas (referencias)
- cuestiones de narración (narración) que podrían aportar al poner en mesa el mundo de los espías
- información sobre las agencias de espionaje (agencias)
- noticias de espionaje del mundo real (absurda realidad)

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